Beware Roger Ver

Roger Ver came out of his cave to start scamming newbies into buying bcash again. Here’s a link to his tweet so you can tell him what you think about that.


Binance was able to freeze some funds implicated in the Cryptopia hack. Upon deposit, trading of the tokens was disabled as they were quarantined by the team.


Wyoming has introduced a bill that would allow corporations to tokenize securities when issuing stock. Wyoming is no stranger to the blockchain space, as they have previously passed two other bills to drive innovation/adoption.


MIT & Stanford researchers are funding a supposedly “globally scalable” crypto token called Unit-e. Why do we need yet another one of these? The world may never know.


Bitcoin price volatility is down 98% from last year, along with a 75% drop in value. Does this mean we could be due for a breakout in either direction? Or will sideways action continue?

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