BlockFi Attracts $35M Bitcoin + Ethereum | Nasdaq Crypto Indices

Blockstream has rebranded and rebuilt their Green Address wallet into Blockstream Green. This is touted as an easy to use mobile bitcoin wallet for every day use, while still having advanced features for power users. I’ll have a tutorial/walkthrough coming soon.


JP Morgan exec on CNBC says that crypto innovators will ultimately have to use a bank to move funds. Incumbents like this really seem to be blind to the writing on the wall.


BlockFi crypto lending platform brings in $35 million in BTC and ETH since January. While new services are always welcome and crypto users should be able to do as they please with their money, I do lean towards this being a little worrying – could we be opening pandora’s box?


CoinMarketCap is launching indices on Bloomberg, Nasdaq, Reuters and more. These will track the top 200 cryptocurrencies in two different indices – one including bitcoin and one not.


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