Cryptopia Hacked, Bitmex Ban, Altcoins Insecure


Bitmex users banned:

Canadians from Quebec doing any bitmex trading are starting to find themselves banned, and may need to join their USA counterparts in using a VPN if they want to continue live trading.


More trouble for Bitmain:

Bitmain is in trouble again with the shutdown of Amsterdam offices and a planned Texas mining farm. This after layoffs and news that Jihan Wu will be stepping down as CEO.


Cryptopia Hacked:

If you want a tutorial on how to lose funds, keep them on exchanges! Another hack seems to have resulted in the loss of millions for the New Zealand crypto exchange Cryptopia.


Insecure Altcoins:

There have been a number of 51% attacks recently, and Kyle Torpey explains how insecure many of these blockchain alternatives to Bitcoin can be exploited at very low cost.


Quadriga CEO Passing:

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