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Coinbase has continued to fuel #DeleteCoinbase with its latest action – actively encouraging people to dump their Bitcoin for a slough of altcoins.

The Block Crypto article on dipping Coinbase volumes:

My #DeleteCoinbase video:


Samourai wallet is integrating tor support in their wallet, including before you even set up your wallet – further increasing privacy to their user base. Great moves from a solid team. Be sure to check them out!

My Samourai video:

Download Samourai:


Flipside Crypto integrates with CoinMarketCap to provide letter ratings to various cryptocurrencies.

FCAS Scores:


Did Twitter break Faketoshi? Craig Wright went on a tirade against twitter users for retweeting/criticizing/getting blocked/retweeting and criticizing with bots. He threatened legal action and even made a new protected account before seemingly getting both accounts suspended. If you want to check out the drama/tip Fake-toshi Bot, head here:

Calvin Ayre is also disgusting:


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